About Us

The Dandy Lion Boutique is an eclectic collection of contemporary women's clothing curated specifically for the classic woman with a bohemian and affordable flare. 

The DLB opened its doors in historic Downtown Enterprise right after the owner, Ashlee, graduated from The University of South Florida in sunny Tampa, FL. Ashlee believes in creating a shopping experience unlike any other by focusing on the smallest of details. The shop decor will remind you of a mix between an Anthropologie & Kate Spade but with a small town, local feel. 

There are golden mason jars on every table, a blinged out bejeweled cash register and a wacky staircase completely covered in a random mix of duck tape. Our customers, better known as "official dandy lovers," are the most loyal supporters that we could ever ask for. Each dandy package is hand-packed by one of our very own Dandy Girls and is possibly the most special piece of mail you will ever receive. 

If you love to be bright, stand out, dress comfortablely and stay on trend then The Dandy Lion Boutique is a perfect fit for you. Thank you for supporting your local boutiques and helping keep the American Dandy Dream alive.